Coup d’Etat is a collection of writers and literary enthusiasts on Boston University’s campus. As a subsiderary of BU’s literary society, Coup hosts a weekly writers’ workshop and produces a bi-annual literary magazine.
Writers’ Workshop brings together students from across the community to read and discuss peer work. We meet every Thursday at 7:30pm in Mugar Library Room 424. Join us for fun, fascination and free advice on all things creative.
The Coup d’Etat literary magazine is dedicated to spreading literary revolutions to the greater Boston community. It is produced by a staff of entirely Boston University undergraduate students. We accept submissions nationally and are committed to fostering literary talent that is unusual, unexpected, and exceptional.
Our inaugural issue was published in January 2014. We publish issues every winter and summer, on the academic semester system. Coup d’Etat is available both in print and online via PDF. All issues are available on Lulu (for print) and in our online archives. If you’re interested in joining the staff, or submitting a piece, contact us at coupbu@gmail.com.